Acoustic Pianos. Grand & Vertical (Upright)

Acoustic Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are large bodied pianos, usually about 4' 7" in length but range up to 9½ feet long. In a grand piano, most of the components move up and down, using gravity to reset them to the resting position as opposed to strings used on a vertical upright piano. The strings are much longer that found on an upright piano and therefore usually provide richer, deeper and louder sound which is why grand pianos are used in concert halls.

Acoustic Vertical Pianos (Uprights)

Vertical pianos range in height from 36" to 52”. They have strings that run vertically and the hammers move horizontally, as opposed to a grand piano whose strings run horizontally and hammers move vertically. The piano sound comes from the string length and size of the soundboard.   Upright pianos are designed vertically so they take up less space.

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