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All Digital & Hybrid Pianos Are Assembled & Delivered
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We Also Sell Viscount Physis Digital Pianos

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Shop Long Islands Top Digital & Hybrid Piano Dealer.

A digital piano is an electronic musical instrument. Digital pianos can be designed to look like a traditional electronic keyboard or to look like either an upright or grand piano. Sound is heard through built in or external speakers. Most can be even can be played using headphones, including recording features and playback performances. This cannot be accomplished on acoustic pianos. Digital pianos are smaller and lighter than acoustic pianos and do not need to be tuned. Our fine digital piano lines have weighted keyboards which give the feel of playing an acoustic piano. Digital pianos can also recreate the sounds of brass, guitars, pipe organs, woodwinds and many other musical instruments. Costa Pianos can help you find the digital piano that is just right for you. Contact us today.

A hybrid piano combines electronic, mechanical and acoustical aspects of both digital and acoustic pianos which expands the capabilities of the instrument. Hybrids do not need to be tuned and as a result are easier to maintain. They feel and respond like an acoustic grand piano and some with real wooden soundboards that create the rich sounds of an acoustic piano, but are much smaller and lighter weight.

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