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Piano Tuning

Call 631-689-2977 or 516-227-2310 for an estimate.

Piano Moving & Storage

Imagine moving a piano, even just an upright, not to mention a 9 foot wide grand piano? The size and weight of a piano makes this a job for only specialized movers. Costa Piano Shoppes piano take all the proper steps to successfully complete such a daunting task.


The expert and fully insured piano moving team at Costa have moved almost every type of piano so are privy to all the subtle differences that come with each piano move.


Preparation will include creating a clear strategy and plan of action out of one space and into another. Even the tools used to move it are custom prepared based on the style and size of your piano. We have all the proper equipment which includes custom dollies, extra thick cushioning and soft straps.


Costa can also arrange to have your piano moved out of state. Move and transport your piano safely and with confidence to its next destination with Costa Piano Shoppe.

Piano Storage

If your piano needs to be moved but not to its destination as of yet, Costa can arrange for piano storage in a regulated climate controlled environment which is required for pianos. Contact us today to further discuss our very specialized piano moving and storage services.

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