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Piano Tuning & Repairs

Playing the piano can bring enjoyment in many ways. But hearing a note played that is a bit off key can be even be detected by a beginner. This can be a distraction in practicing, concentration and flow. It can even deter you from playing so get your piano in perfect tune with Costa Piano Shoppes.


The piano tuners at Costa are experts in making your piano sound perfect. A piano has many strings that require adjusting and the piano tuning technicians at Costa have all the proper knowledge and tools, both mechanical and digital, to perform this difficult task. Contact us today.

Piano Restoration & Rebuilding

Your piano may have sentimental value, it may have great character, or it may be made with beautiful woods. It also may not look and play as well as it once did. If you have a piano that is worthy of repair or restoration, call Costa Piano Shoppes. We have been repairing and restoring pianos for many years.


At Costa, your piano will be worked on by those who share the love of the world's most important musical instrument. Our craftsmen are very knowledgeable and experienced in repairing and restoring pianos inside and out. They know all the various types of wood and how to treat them. 


They know about all the delicate mechanisms and different metal components inside the piano like steel, cast iron, nickel, aluminum, chrome and brass, and how to care for them as well. They are experienced in stripping to hand-rubbed finishing. Repairing or replace damaged parts, even fixing cracks, splits and chips. Contact us today.

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