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Upgrade Your Old Player System

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QRS • Pianoforce • PianoDisc

Player Pianos

Installing a player piano system in your piano or ordering a new piano with a player already added will give you years of musical entertainment and enjoyment. We offer the latest in technologies and innovations of player piano systems.

With the installation of a player system it takes home entertainment to a whole new level.

There are thousands of songs available from the Classics to the most updated popular music.

There is music for everyone’s tastes and from all genres of music, many with the background orchestra and vocals.

There are also original and new artist performances.

All can be operated wirelessly from your phone or computer.


Bluetooth Audio is now an available feature as well.

Do you have an older system (CD or Floppy Disc)?  We can change that. Simply upgrade to the newest technology at a fraction of what a whole system installation would cost.

Michael Costa, owner of Costa Pianos is certified to install player systems. 

He has installed thousands of player systems. Costa Piano Shoppes does not subcontract the installation out like our competitors do.  Come in for a complete demo.

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