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Dynatone VGP400Q Player Piano

Dynatone VGP400Q Player Piano

$14,500.00 Regular Price
$12,500.00Sale Price



The virtual piano VGP-4000Q is equipped with the ROS V.5 Plus system which contains samples of finest European grand pianos. The ROS V.5 Plus sound source, created using the multi-layer sampling technology of Dynatone, is characterized by its deeply resonating piano sounds. This digital player has moving keys.
An enhanced sound system consisting of 2 channel and 6 speakers is integrated within its 4'8'' cabinet which is also the size of acoustic grands to deliver finest quality sound that is powerful enough to be heard in larger spaces such as restaurants or hotel lobbies. The wooden New RHA-3W keyboard is equipped to make it not only look, but also respond like a grand. Bench included

Model Name VGP-4000Q
Keyboard New RHA-3W
Wooden Key
Player System
Polyphony Note Max. 256
Sound Preset Sound EXV 10 + GM 128
* Source ROS V.5 Plus
Multi Layered Full Scale Sound 2 Pianos
Multi Layered Sound 3 Pianos
Total Bank Memory Size 8G bit
Rhythm 80
Display 128 x 64 Graphic LCD
Piano Effect Full Scale String Resonance Sound Yes (Adjustable)
Damper Resonance Digital Effect Yes (Adjustable)
Damper Resonance Sound Yes (Adjustable)
Full Scale Key-off Sound Yes (Adjustable)
Full Scale Mechanical Noise Sound Yes (Adjustable)
Stretch Tune Yes
Music Classical Music 50 Music (Internal)
/ over 1,000 Music (USB)
Educational Music Beyer 106
Czerny 100-30-40
Burgmuller 25
Sonatine - with Left & Right hand practice function
Music Key Transpose Yes
USB Music Player MP3 Yes
SMF (Standard MIDI File) Format 0/1 with Lyric display
AMD (Advanced MIDI File) Yes
DSP Reverb HD Reverb
Effect HD Effect
EQ/3D 8 Preset
with 4 Band Graphic EQ
Pedal 3 (Soft/Sostenuto/Damper)
Support Half Damper Pedal
USB connection MIDI Interface Yes
Audio Interface Yes (48KHz 24bit)
Compatibility USB 2.0
PC/ Mac/ iOS/ Android
External Memory USB Memory Stick
Record 2 Track Save/ Load to USB
Function Layer Yes (Adjustable Vol.)
Split Yes (Adjustable Vol.)
Twin Piano Yes
Master Tune Yes
Master Key- Transpose Yes
Touch Yes
Metronome Yes
Brilliance Yes
Registration 16 (4 Bank x 4)
Octave Yes
Scale Tune 9 Scales
Mic Effect HD Effect
Terminal Smart Box Yes
USB to Host USB MINI Type B
USB to Device USB Type A
Stereo Audio Out 3.5mm Stereo / RCA
Stereo Audio In (MP3 in) 3.5mm Stereo
Mic In In
Pedal In In
Output 50W + 50W
(2-Way 6 Speakers)
Dimension (W x L x H) 1515 x 1420 x 1010 mm

anufacturers warranty.

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