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Hallet Davis HS170 Grand Piano

Hallet Davis HS170 Grand Piano


5’7″ Ebony Polish Grand

Action Material: Hornbeam

Action Rail: Aluminum

Beam Material: Spruce

Bridges: Vertically Laminate/Maple

Fallboard: Slow Close

Hammers: Reinforced 22 lb Felt Weight

Keybed: Multi-Laminated Spruce

Key Material: Select Grained Spruce

Plate: Sand Cast

Pinblock: 19-Ply Maple

Rib Material: Spruce

Rim-Inner: Walnut – 18 Plys

Rim-Outer: Walnut – 9 Plys

Soundboard: Multi-Radial Spruce

Strings: Roslau – Germany

Tuning Pins: Blued Steel Nickle Plated

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